Audition Dates is September 8 & 9 2019 at 6pm to 9pm

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Christmas: a time for magic. A time for the traditions we cherish. A time to watch as many original TV movies as a human being can possibly endure. But now with The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon, you can enjoy the sugar rush of six Christmas movies all at once! Welcome to Hopewood Falls, Vermont, where singles in adorable sweaters converge to look for love. Can disguises help royalty and/or movie stars find the down-to-earth connections they crave? Will evil city slickers destroy charming inns and/or Christmas tree farms? Isn't it a little creepy for a meet-cute to depend on one person being in a coma? Grab a hot chocolate and your favorite wise single friend to find out in this wildly entertaining parody of holiday rom-coms.

Location - Living Drama Theatre

Please bring a Headshot and resume


Please prepare a monologue   

Cast of Characters

Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Holly - Owner of the Evergreen Inn in Hopewood Falls, Vermont. A heart of gold

Brett- Stranded by a snowstorm, but secretly a prince from Artemisia, a tiny aristocratic country  in Europe that no one has ever heard of. Luckily, he's rich, y'all

Joy- A romance novelist, visiting the inn to try to break her writers block

Paul- A rival romance novelist, running  his own writer's retreat kind of a self-important jerk, but with the love of the right woman, he's probably a pretty nice guy.

Carol- a war reporter, home for the holidays, tired of big city life.

Jackson - 35, a veterinarian , who owns two golden retrievers 

Merry - In town to search out the perfect  Christmas tree for the big Christmas celebration  in the big city. A real estate lawyer businessperson with no time for love .

Blake - rugged, owner of a tree farm. He's heartbroken but oh-so-handsome.

Kris - the son of the former of Santa Claus in the town parade, but he has troubles, y'all. Troubles. Currently  working  as a real estate Lawyer businessperson.

Noelle - Owner of the oldest Christmas ornament boutique in town, charged with helping Kris quit his job and become a full time Santa. Filled with the Christmas spirit.

Sven - The secret  prince  of Broxtenburg, which is another tiny aristocratic country in Europe that  no one has ever heard of. Shocker, he's also rich as heck

Rita - Movie star filming a movie in Hopewood Falls, but pretending to be an ordinary girl.

 Laertes - The Real Estate developer guy. We do not like him.

Bridgette - The red-headed best friend of all the women. Why not

Jimmy - The ex-boyfriend of Holly and also plays the ex-boyfriends of every other woman , cause why not. 

Prancer - A golden retriever 

 Vixen - A Golden retriever 

Girl 1

Gril 2

TSA Agent 


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