Southern Fried Funeral Cast

Dorothy Frye


Sonya Jones who plays the role of Doro- thy is honored to be apart the cast of Southern Fried Funeral. She is excited to perform in her first on stage production. She is active with her church and commu- nity. When time permits Sonya enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family. Sonya would like to thank all of her friends and family for their support and encouragement

Sammy Jo Frye-Lefette


Diaundra LaPorte who is play- ing the role of Sammy Jo is thrilled to make her stage debut at Living Drama Theatre. In addition to her new found love for theatre, she loves spending time with her children and volunteering in her community. She works as an Instructional Designer for a health care company. Diaundra wishes to thank her family for their support the talented cast for their tireless contribution to this production.

Harlene Frye


Luchia...It means moonlight! Affection- ately named after Lucy from the movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"(1947). She previously played in "Once on this island" as Ti Mounee. Luchia has had an interest in many forms of art from a young age. She is excited about purs- ing her passions further and being a part of the historic opening of this theatre.

Atticus "Attie" Van Leer


James Williams is fairly new stepping into his acting career. He has previously played in the Broadway hit “Little Shop of Horrors”. This is his first show at LDT and he is excited about stepping into the role of “Attie”- which gives him a new opportunity to expand with this new role that has an easy-going personality, but also firm and reassured at times. He would like to extend special thanks to all family and friends, and all those who attend and enjoy live theatre!

Beecham Lefette


Andrew Shansky makes his trium- phant return to the theater. Andrew has worked hard to take on this character, and hopes you enjoy his portrayal of Beecham. He would like to thank his wife and family for supporting and encouraging him.

Fairy June Cooper


Ashlie Aagaard is honored to be making her debut with Living Drama Theatre. She is extremely ecstatic to be cast as Fairy June! After leaving the theatre to spread her wings in search of the meaning of life; she finds it comical that it led right back to where she belongs, at home.... preforming in stage. She was an avid member of the Young People’s Theatre at Bay Street Players for over 10 years; earning the lead role in countless productions, performing in the YPT traveling theatre group, and appearing in several adult productions. Her favorite roles were ‘Sandy’(Grease) and ‘Alice’ (Alice in Wonderland). During that time she also had several appearances on TV including: legends of The Hidden Temple and Guts on Nickelodeon, TV-18’s ElimiDate, and as an extra in several commercials the aired in Europe. Ashlie is back with a vengeance and will definitely be appearing in many more productions with LDT in the future. She would like to thank her parents for allowing her to opportunity to follow her dreams.

Martha Ann Fox


Kay Lerner (Martha Ann) is having a blast playing the role of Martha Ann. Originally from Ken- tucky, her experiences have benefited her in establishing Martha Ann’s unique personality. Kay has found the role of Martha Ann to be the perfect fit for her as it has allowed her the freedom to use her gift of facial expressions. Kay is graciously humbled by family, friends, mentors, and instructors that have encouraged her to chase after her dreams. “I am truly blessed to have the tribe I have in my circle!”

Ozella Meeks


Moniqua Cisneros is originally from Maryland. She was involved in theater throughout high school and has since been yearning to get back on stage. 11 years later, Moni- qua is thrilled to be playing Ozella Meeks in Living Drama Theatre's production of "Southern Fried Funeral" and is honored to be part of the Living Drama Theatre Family! She extends gratitude to her awesome husband and to all who have supported her on this journey. Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!

Ozella Meeks


Jasmine Gordon

Dub Frye/Benny Charlies Greenwood


Daniel Oser has enjoyed his time on stage for his entire life, including Orando Fringe, Disney, SSC and Fullsail. Daniel Has Spent the past few years being part of some amazing productions for both the small and large screen. Today he returns still believing that even the small moments in life can make the biggest impacts. FTLOTM: For The Love Of The Moment.