If you want to be part of the LDT Family ,volunteering is one of the ways to put your skills to work .For your support with each performance you will get two  complimentary  tickets to the show you worked on. Also you will be listed in the playbill. discount on additional  tickets and concession. 

If interested contact us below


Light Board Operator - Runs light board during production; this task is usually assigned to the Stage Manager or another person who has assisted during rehearsals and has extensive knowledge of the show.

Running Crew - Assist in making set changes during productions with other crew or cast members.  

Set Decoration/Painting - Painting, furniture covering, sewing of draperies, and other soft goods, etc

Props - gathering and prepping hand and set props, finding them in thrift stores or helping to create them.  Crafty skills are welcome but are not required to help out in this area.

Prop Running Crew - Setting up props before each show, making changes of props during performances, keeping props in working order, replenishing consumable props.  

Stage Manager - Assists the Managing Artistic Director in a wide range of tasks such as rehearsal set up of furniture and props, crew and cast scheduling, organizational tasks, booth operations during performances. 

Set Construction and/or Strike Crew - Carpentry, electrical, curtain rigging, etc. for the building of the scenery to designer's specifications.  Creative and skilled hands are invited to participate;. Strike Crews disassemble the scenery after the final show with care to recycle materials for future use.

Lights - assisting a lighting designer to hang and focus equipment on tech days prior to opening. The use of a ladder required.  

Follow Spot Operator(s) - Operates a Spotlight during performances.  

Sound Operator - Runs queued sound effects and music from CDs or other technology, operates the soundboard controlling overhead mics, hardwired mics, body mics, onstage, backstage monitors and in-house speakers.  An elevated skills position.

Wardrobe Manager - Keeps costumes cleaned, mended and pressed throughout production and manages the costume department in-between productions.  

Costume Designer - Meets with director on design concepts and needs, locates resources for fabric, rental or borrowing of costumes and oversees costume construction team

Costume Sewing Team - Construct costumes from patterns or perform minor adjustments such as hemming, tucks, cuffs, buttons, velcro, snaps, appliques, hot glue, etc. 

Costume Coordinator - Oversees costume crew if designer cannot.  Finds costumes not being made and returns rented or borrowed costumes; maintains costumes during the run including weekly laundry and post-production dry cleaning drop off/pick up.

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